Campersand Foundation

Campersand is a project of Campersand Co., an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

Our Mission Statement

The world is full of beautiful and powerful ideas. The world is full of eager learners from all socioeconomic backgrounds capable of going places few imagine. But there is a gap. These learners are scattered and most communities do not have the ability to keep the specialized resources these learners need on standby. Campersand Co.’s mission is to bridge this gap and connect these learners with these ideas, and welcome them into the society of thinkers. Campersand Co. will produce educational resources and services in a variety of subject areas that:

(a) Respect the learner’s ability to master the deepest subjects, with no limits based on age or background;

(b) Are based on the premise that a spirit of playful exploration leads to deep, lasting, and positive learning;

(c) Deliver content in a way that is not only age-appropriate, but uses the learner’s age as an advantage; and

(d) Strive to be accessible across geographical and socioeconomic boundaries.

Campersand Co. will provide services such as residential camps, day camps, and teacher training. It will develop resources such as publications, online materials, and educational technology. But these do not limit the scope. By working and delivering, the organization will learn what works and strive to find creative and efficient ways to connect more learners with more ideas.


Copies of the Organizational Bylaws for Campersand Co. can be found here.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Campersand Co. are:

  • Hoa Nguyen, President
  • Wendy K. Tam Cho, Vice President
  • Leanna Primiani, Secretary
  • Stanley Chou, Treasurer
  • John Hartono


Information of Campersand Co.’s 2017 Financial Data can be found here.