C&! New Camper Application, First Step

We are thrilled that you want to join us this summer. Read through the application process, visit the exploration problems, show us your work, and submit. We want to hear your thoughts, your words, your voice.
These problems are hard but are also fun. Work on what you know, what you like, what you find interesting… Take a break, come back, and have another go. Your perspective may change with time, experience, and iterate.

STEP 1: Fill out this family/student information form.

STEP 2: Work on this set of exploration problems.

STEP 3: In addition (OPTIONAL), you may submit a portfolio that captures your passion for math or computer science

STEP 4: Upon completion, scan all work and email to info@campersand.org

We ask that parents themselves evaluate whether their children meet our expectations of the campers.

Admission decisions will be made January 31, 2023.

Afterwards, admission will be on a rolling basis until camp is full.