C&! ?

C&! is a self-expanding acronym, pronounced “C.A.M.P!”
or maybe C& for AMP!”

Starting at the back, the ! is just because we like to be at C&!

(Plus it’s good to put something at the end, so you know when to

The & is an ampersand, which is used to mean “and”.  Often & is abbreviated AMP.  So & is just a stand in for A.M.P.

What does the C expand into? Why that’s short for C& of course!

So C&! becomes C& for A.M.P.! (In other words, a “camp for amp”)

The letters A.M.P. stand for Algorithmic Math Play, kind of like this sort of stuff, and so


is  an acronym of

C& for Algorithmic Math Play!

But you can’t just stop the C& from expanding again! C&!
can mean all kinds of things!

Make up your own:


(BTW,  if it ever comes up, it can lead to trouble if you use self-referential html symbol entity codes in the legal name of your corporation. That lesson was learned the hard way…)