C&! is a summer vacation for math kids organized by grownup math kids.

We know that these children are capable of incredible things and they need an environment where they have real peers, where there are no intellectual limits, and where they are still allowed to be kids.

Founded by mathematicians and parents, this residential camp helps these mathy kids explore mathematics, the foundations of computer science, and more.

Our Vision

Math is amazing, powerful, relevant, and downright mind-blowing. When we were kids, we couldn’t get enough of it, and we’ve been spending our lives trying to slake our thirst. We love sharing this joy with others, especially kids like we once were. We understand what these kids are like and what they need, because we remember.

We seek to bring the highest quality math instruction and enrichment to the exceedingly capable kids who need this and can benefit from what we have to offer.  Central to this is a sense of playfulness, mathematical rigor and precision, and a love of having our brains stretched, all in the context of a loving and supportive community of parents, faculty and children.