C&! 2022 will be in-person

C&! will be in Albuquerque, NM

We are planning to welcome campers and families back to Albuquerque next summer on the University of New Mexico campus.

We know the importance of making and maintaining connections within our community. Creating and reestablishing relationships are part of the process and we want to facilitate for you.

Whether you’ll be seeing familiar faces or making new acquaintances, Campersand will be welcoming you.

Returning to in-person camp will be an adjustment after two years of being online.

What will it be like? Classes, campers, faculty, and families are all part of the mix. In-person camp will be surprising yet familiar, routine and still novel, energic but constrained, and, without a doubt, playful.

It will be for uniquely for Campers and you! Want to be part of the C&! Experience?  Come and join us ..

What we do know: 

  • C&! will be one week long and staged during the week of June 26.
  • Course offerings and costs are part of the equation.
  • We are actively planning and working out details.
  • All participants, whether they stay on campus or not, must be fully vaccinated by June 11.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Anita at anita@campersand.org
Be well! We’ll see you in the summer…

Are you a kid who likes to bring your math books on vacation?

CAMP, the CAMP for Algorithmic and Mathematical Play, is the place for you.

It is serious fun.

The days are filled with small-group instruction led by computer science and math researchers, and fun activities surrounded by other kids who love mathematics just like you.

We bring our math books on vacation, too.

You just might feel like you are on a different planet.