C&! 2020 is FULL, We are busy preparing for Virtual C&! 2020

In these uncertain times, our priority is the health and well-being of our campers and community.  We realize the importance of making and maintaining connections within the community.  To adjust to the changes we are experiencing in the world around us, we plan to stage Campersand 2020 online.

What will it be like?  Who knows but we will make it interesting, the Campersand way!  Want to be part of the C&! Experiment?  Join us and find out…
What we do know: 

  • Classes will run over four weeks July 6-31.
  • Be assured we are actively planning and working out details.  
  • Class options and costs are part of the equation.
  • New admissions are on hold at this time.  Those in queue are being reviewed.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Anita at anita@campersand.org
Stay safe and well!

Are you a kid who likes to bring your math books on vacation?

CAMP, the CAMP for Algorithmic and Mathematical Play, is the place for you.

It is serious fun.

The days are filled with small-group instruction led by computer science and math researchers, and fun activities surrounded by other kids who love mathematics just like you.

We bring our math books on vacation, too.

You just might feel like you are on a different planet.