Campersand Scholars

A number of our past campers still want to participate in C&! but need something different from the camp program built for younger students. To meet this need, this year we are piloting a new program: Campersand Scholars.

We think of the difference between Campersand Scholars and our standard camp program like the difference between a graduate and an undergraduate program. The graduate student doesn’t just take more advanced classes.(We will have advanced classes!) They are also expected to take on responsibility and deepen their knowledge of the subject by teaching others. With that in mind, here is what a Campersand Scholar can expect:

  • They will help as a teaching assistant for one class.
  • They will collaborate with a faculty member to create and run a “math lab”.
  • They can enroll in other classes of their choice.
  • In the classroom or out, we will ask them to be a role model and help for our younger campers.

We’re excited to be able to offer older students a way to keep adding to our community – now both as students and as teachers. We piloted the Scholars program in 2022 and it was resounding success. As we continue to hone the Scholars program, we will accept a limited number of former campers.

For questions and information about the application process, contact