Campersand Scholars 2023

This year the Campersand Scholars Program has evolved and offers more structured leadership and teaching experiences. To achieve this end, we are asking significantly more from the participants. Scholars are assigned to classes and faculty mentors in late Spring/ early Summer.


In the time before camp, Scholars will work with their mentor to:

  • Prepare for their assigned class and define their role in the classroom (more below).
  • Develop a “Math Lab” — reviewed and approved by the Academic Director — that they will run for at least two one-hour sessions during camp.
  • Prepare a 20 minute “Scholar Lecture” on a topic of their choice (subject to review by the Academic Director)

At camp, Scholars will:

  • Actively participate in instruction of their assigned class. Exactly how depends on the particular course and instructor. It could mean giving the lecture one day, offering short vignette lessons during class, managing groups during breakout sessions, or more.
  • Run a “Math Lab” they created for at least two 1-hour sessions.
  • Present their Scholar Lecture.
  • Assist running other Math Labs and activities as assigned.

Beyond this, Scholars are expected to as as role models for younger campers, helping ensure that they are included and engaged in all parts of the camp.

We think of the difference between Campersand Scholars and our standard camp program like the difference between a graduate and an undergraduate program. The graduate student doesn’t just take more advanced classes. (We will have advanced classes!) They are also expected to take on responsibility and deepen their knowledge of the subject by teaching others and taking on more responsibilities.


We’re excited to be able to offer older students a way to keep adding to our community. Previous Campersand campers who are junior or seniors in high school are invited to apply. We will accept a limited number of applicants.

For questions and information about the application process, contact Anita Chou, Camp Director, at