Apply to C&!

Applications are now being taken for C&! 2018.  If you contact us through that page, we’ll send you the C&! exam, with lots of fun problems.

But we also had a bunch of fun problems we didn’t put on the exam! Every once in a while, we’ll post a few of our favorites. Here’s the first question that’s not on the exam:

Would a woodchuck chuck her own wood if a woodchuck would chuck wood for exactly those woodchucks who would not chuck their own wood?

Have fun!

We’re Launching!

We are all very excited to be launching for Summer 2017!

So far Rolfe, Edmund and I are on board and we expect more veteran faculty to be announced soon.

Fayetteville is a beautiful place, and it’s wonderful that we’ll be able to show off our hometown — we know you’ll like it here too.