2018 FAQs

What you need to know:

Small group classes are taught by authorities in the field who want to work with kids. Activities and instruction are geared towards young learners with unlimited curiosity.

What courses are taught at camp:

Take a peek at the camp’s offerings for what we have in stored. Courses are open to all campers except for those with Calculus prerequisites. Instructors will take campers as fast and deep as they want.

“Lecture style” is similar to university courses with an instructor moderating and leading the discussion. “Lab style” combines round table discussion with hands-on activity to introduce and explore concepts. All courses are academically rigorous with age appropriate playfulness and learning in mind.

Academic preparation prior to camp will be announced in the later half of June.

What time does camp start and end each day?

Camp starts on location at 8:30AM and ends at 5:30PM. Parents check campers in and out for meals.

See what a week at Campersand could look like.

Have Questions?

Check what parents have been asking on our Campersand FAQs Sheet.

Help us get the word out by downloading and sharing this Campersand Camp Flyer.

For more information contact Anita Chou, Camp Director, at anita@campersand.org